Types of Lilies

Lilies or Lilium

Did You Know? White lilies means purity?

There are four main species used as cut flowers – all very popular as a few stems fill a vase. Lilies are decorative on their own or team with Magnolia foliage, fernery or spear grass – something to add another texture to the arrangement. Note: the burnt orange/brown coloured stamens are coated in pollen (quite decorative in their own right) which will stain clothing and hands. These can be removed by gently pulling the tips of the stamens using a disposable glove or tissue. Have a small plastic bag handy to drop into. If the pollen reaches your upholstery or clothing – do not use water – do not rub. Vacuum immediately.

Oriental Lilies

Large multiple flowers per stem – white, red, light or dark pink and yellow. Fragrant and long lasting.

Tiger Lilies

Slightly smaller flowers with brighter colours than Oriental Lilies and approximately 4 heads per stem. Colours white, pink, deep pink/burgundy, orange, yellow. Non-fragrant and long lasting.

November or Christmas Lilies

Large usuallly white but also pink or burgundy-red trumpet shaped flowers on long stems. Generally very fragrant.

Arum Lilies

Arum Lilies are closely related to Calla lilies but both are not actually of the lilium family. Arum lilies are also called funeral lilies and are generally white though green flowers are sometimes available. They have thick lush foliage that with large flowers on strong hollow stems. When cut they need regular water changes.

Calla Lily

These have a hollow stem with each stem having one flower and a large leaf. The flower and leaf unfurl as they open. Flowers include most commonly white but also pink, red, yellow, purple-black and orange. Callas are generally small between 30 to 60 cm. Do not refrigerate this flower.