EAT MORE FRUIT & VEG!- New National Dietary Guidelines

A review of dietary guidelines for Australian adults, infants and children has just been released. The review indicates that we are still not eating enough fruit and vegetables and too many processed and fatty foods. Not only is it important to eat more fruit and vegetables but a larger variety.

Doctor Amanda Lee the head of the review committee says that the new guidelines are based on a comprehensive review of the latest scientific evidence.

“What we have now is greater differentiation between different types of food; for example for the vegetable group we now know that we need to eat a variety of different types and colours to decrease our risk of various kinds of cancer,” she said.

“We need to eat double the amount of vegetables and fruits, double the amount of wholegrain cereals, much more milk, yoghurt and low-fat cheese, and increasing our lean poultry and fish,” she said.

” there’s stronger evidence supporting the benefits of fruit, particularly for cardiovascular disease.”

“For some foods the evidence has strengthened, for example, there’s increasing evidence that consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks is associated with increased risk of weight gain,” she said.

“There’s good evidence now that consumption of milk is associated with decreased risk of heart disease in some cases.

“There’s really good evidence now about the association of whole grain products and decreased risk of heart disease, excessive weight gain and also decreased risk of type-2 diabetes.”

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