Australian Chestnut season has started. We have easy peel chestnuts from a local Lake George farmer.  Use in savoury or sweet dishes, they can be made into soup, used in salads, pureed and used as a tart filling. To use chestnuts they are first scored, then cooked in order to soften the skin to enable peeling, peeled and then they may be cooked again. To score hold the nut flat on a board and score the skin in a cross, a stanley knife works best. Once scored  chestnuts can be simmered for 15 mins, roasted or barbequed at 180c for 2o mins, deepfried at 180C for 1 minutes or microwaved for 5-6 mins.  Peel chestnuts while  they are still warm.  Once peeled chestnuts are ready to use if the recipe involves further cooking or otherwise chestnuts can be further cooked by simmering in water or milk for 10-15 mins until tender.