BERRIES  Great  value Strawberries and  NSW blueberries. Mulberries and blackberries in season.

CITRUS  Still peak season for blood oranges. Blood orange juice available. Navels tightening up with season ending sooner than expected.

EXOTIC  Cumquats in season. Imported pomegranate season only.

APPLES & PEARS  Eating well.

ROCKMELONS  Eating well.

MANGOES   Great KP mangoes.

PASSIONFRUIT  & LIMES Tightening up.

GOOD VALUE  Sugar pineapples plus exceptional eating.



 LOCAL & DIRECT FROM THE GROWER  Good mushrooms (all varieties), hydro lettuce & cavolo nero.

ASPARAGUS  Waiting for some warm weather to bring on Spring growth and lead to failing prices for Aussie asparagus.

POTATOES   New Season Desirees, Cocktails and washed whites. New season potatoes have thinner skin than older season potatoes. Look great fresh but can go green if left too long.

BEANS & PEAS  Prices stable. Borlotti, broad, Flats, Snake beans and handpicks. Italian flat beans still scarce.

TOMATOES   Still great value with lots of supply around.

GOOD VALUE  Cauliflower, broccoli and red capsicum.

AVOCADOES  Growers still seeking top $ for their fruit leading to relatively high prices.

FLOWERS Last of the daffodils in season. Beautiful rananculus. Lots of great value Spring flowers.