BERRIES   Blueberries still flushing and great value. Strawberries eating well.

CITRUS  Mandarins are finished for the year. Blood oranges almost finished as are Australian navels. Valencia’s have started and are juicy and good eating for early season fruit. Price has eased on limes.

PEACHES AND NECTARINES   As season hits its stride we have some better value fruit around with yellow nectarines the pick. Apricots have started!

MANGOES    Katherine season  in full swing. KP mangoes and Cooking mangoes available. Also R2E2’s and Calypso mangoes available but KPs always our pick for flavour over these two varieties.

PAPAYA   Eating great.

LYCHEES AND CHERRIES   Season has started.

GRAPES Aussie grape season has really started with Aussie flames available this week.

PASSIONFRUIT Eating well with good value packs.



LOCAL AND DIRECT FROM THE GROWER   Kale, Chinese veg, English Spinach, mushrooms, garlic scapes.

ASPARAGUS  Last week for peak season asparagus with prices set to rise after this week as supply decreases.

POTATOES  Sweet potatoes better value this week with effect of floods abating.

BEANS & PEAS  Beans still effected been floods. With farmers losing most or all of their crops and difficulty getting crops in and out of growing regions leading to record high prices.

TOMATOES   Local tomato season is about to start. We are still loving  Munchkin Tomatoes (old school great flavour).

GOOD VALUE  Cucumbers.

GARLIC   Aussie garlic in season. Also local and direct from the grower Garlic scapes.

WOMBOK  Still very scarce.

CAULIFLOWER  Recent cold snap has effected supply of caulis.

CARROTS   Dutch carrots all varieties good this week.

FLOWERS  Pinwheels, peonies and Kangaroo paw our picks.