BERRIES   In high supply. Blackberries and raspberries very good value. Organic blueberries. Strawberries have been affected by the heat.

CITRUS  Limes abundant. Lemons scarce. Tail end of the Aussie grapefruit season.

STONEFRUIT  All peaches and nectarines exceptional eating. Good range of plums.

MANGOES    KP season ending soon. Honey Golds in full swing and good eating and value.

PINEAPPLES  Topless good eating.

LYCHEES   Last weeks for lychees.

CHERRIES   Great value.

 GRAPES Aussie Southern grapes in season. Menindee Seedless our pick.

FIGS   Beautiful figs and fig packs.

PEARS    New Season Clapp pears.


LOCAL AND DIRECT FROM THE GROWER   Cherry and grape tomatoes, hydro lettuce, mushrooms.

ASPARAGUS   Imported asparagus only available for next approx weeks as we wait for NSW season to start.

 POTATOES  Cocktail potatoes eating well and a great Summer potato.

BEANS & PEAS  Beans eating well.

TOMATOES   Local Roma tomatoes. Heirloom and Black Russian tomatoes good eating.

GOOD VALUE  Corn, Sweet potato, all cabbage, zucchini and carrots.

FENNELL Nice baby and regular bunches.

CAULIFLOWER  Very scarce.

HORSERADISH   Horseradish out of season until March.

FLOWERS   Great summer blooms including hydrangeas and dahlia’s.