We are now stocking Highlands Organic unhomogenised organic milk direct from our our only local organic dairy. The Highlands dairy’s cows are grass fed and their full cream milk is very in natural sugars with half the fat of regular homegenised milk. We are also carrying their delicious cheeses including fresh ricotta, pecorino, feta and tomme.

We now have Aclara’s range of organic coconut products including extra virgin coconut oil and shredded coconut. Aclara Health Extra Virgin Coconut oil is biologically pure and does not raise cholesterol levels, is not hydrogenated and contains no trans fatty acids. According to its proponents coconut oil:

  • supports healthy metabolic & thyroid function that promotes weight loss.
  • is the only natural source of beneficial Lauric acid other than human breast milk
  • it has a mild delicate flavor.
  • it is highly resistant to spoilage due to the antioxidant nature of the oil
  • it is heat resistant (the healthiest oil for cooking).
  • it helps prevent premature aging!
  • it functions as a protective antioxidant which may reduce risk of cancer and degenerative conditions.
  • it supports immune system function.
  • it helps prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal (including yeast) infections.