Types of Berries

Blackberries and Karakaberries


Fresh blackberries are very perishable and do not transport or store well. As a result good quality blackberries are not often commercially available. Consume soon after purchase. Blackberries freeze well.


These are a recently developed blackberry hybrid, designed to store and travel better than blackberries.


These berries are a relative of the blackberry with a tarter flavour. There is an albino variant of redcurrant, often referred to as white currant, which is sweeter. Redcurrants can be eaten raw with other fruit or in salads or made into jams. However, they are best known for their use in redcurrant jelly is a condiment traditionally served with roast lamb.

Boysenberries & Loganberries

These berries are very similar hybrids of raspberries and blackberries. Loganberries are a similar shape to a blackberry but the similar colour to a raspberry. Boysenberries are purplish in colour and a similar shape to a blackberry These fragile fruit are hard to transport and grow and are not widely commercially available except for short periods during the summer months. There tart flavour makes them great for tarts, jams and other cooking, fresh fruit also freezes well.


Gooseberries are a cold climate fruit that is very common to Europe but only available for short periods of time in Australia. Gooseberries can be green/yellow when ripe or red depending on variety. Green gooseberries have a tarter flavour and are good for jams and cooking while red gooseberries are delicious fresh. Gooseberries are used in desserts as well as used in drinks including wines and teas.