Types of Mangoes

Selection, Storage and Availability

The skin of the mango can range from green to yellow and sunset red. Mangoes can be brought ripe- look for a mango that is fragrant, has few or no spots and yields slightly at the tip and has a nice blush. Mangoes can also be purchased slightly green and ripened at home. Store at room temperature in a cool place. Do not store in the refrigerator. Mangoes are available from October-March.


Remove cheeks, score skin in a cross hatched pattern, pop skin inside out and eat! Mangoes also make a delicious salsa to serve with fish (see our recipes section). Green mangoes are used in savoury Asian cooking and use a particular variety called Nam Duc Mai mangoes or cooking mango.

Nutrition Information

Mangoes are high in fibre in pectin and Vitamin C.

Kensington Pride Mangoes

Sometimes called the Bowen mango these are the most common variety of mango available in Australia and come in a variety of sizes and grades. These are a medium to large sized mango with yellow skin and a red blush.

R2E2 Mangoes

R2E2 is a early season variety with a large, highly coloured fruit. It was developed by the Department of Agriculture in 1982 and takes its name from the row and position in the field of the original tree at the DEEDI´s Bowen Research Station.

R2E2’s are the third most popular variety grown in Australia. R2E2’s have a long shelf life, they are firm when ripe and are sought after on the export market. They have a yellow, moist flesh and a tangy flavour. Although they might seem cheaper than other varieties because of the size it must be remembered that they also have a considerably larger seed.

Honey Gold Mangoes

A mid season mango that has a golden skin with red blush and a delicious slightly lemony flavour. Far and away our favourite mango.

Other Mango Varieties

Calapyso – a newish early season variety often found in the supermarkets. This mango has a particularly firm flesh, with a deep orange blush. Due to its lack of flavour we generally do not stock this mango at Wiffens.

Keitt Large and firm like the R2E2, but with a longer shaped body like the Kensington Pride. It has sweet lemon-yellow flesh and develops a red-pink, sometimes bronze-like blush. Keitt’s are available from late-January through until early April.

Nam Duc Mai Cooking mango or are a oval shaped small mango that is sold green for use in chutneys and Asian dishes.

Other varieties include Brooks, Palmer, Kent and Pearl.

Palmer Mangoes

A late season which is small and long with red skin and sweet yellow flesh. Available January-March.


Keitt Mangoes

A late season oval shaped mango with thick green to yellow skin and a red/pink bush when ripe and sweet firm flesh. Available January-April.

Kent Mangoes

A late season oval shaped variety with a many coloured red/purple and green blush. Flesh is yellow, sweet and juicy. Available January-March.