Chinese Greens

Types of Chinese Greens

There is a confusing array of Chinese/Asian greens. The most common types are; bok choy, pak choy or baby bok choy, Chinese broccoli, choy sum and gai laan. Chinese greens can be steamed, boiled, or braised and are good with sauces including soy, fish and oyster as well as onions, garlic and ginger.


All year round but best in autumn and winter.

Pak Choy

What is sold as bok choy in many greengrocers, is actually baby bok choy or pak choy. Small loose leaf vegetable with green stalks. Choose fresh looking bunches. To use remove bottom of stalks, slice and braise, stir fry or steam.

Choy Sum

This is the most common of Asian greens. Sold in bunches with smooth bright green stems and elongated leaves with clusters of yellow flowers. Usually blanched but can also be stirfried or added to soups. Cook briefly to wilt leaves and keep the stems firm but tender.

Bok Choy

The adult version of  pak choy or baby bok choy with white stems and pale green leaves. Wash carefully to remove grit from leaves then chop and stir fry or blanch.