Selection and Storage

Choose celeriac that are the size of a large baseball not too much bigger. Very big celeriac can be hollow and lacking in flavour in the centre. Look for celeriac that feels heavy and still has it leaves attached, indicating freshness. Store in the crisper section of the refrigerator.


Celeriac is available most of the year with peak season autumn-winter.


Celeriac has a rich texture with great flavour similar to celery. Once diced into small pieces, it is similar in appearance to potato. Peel celeriac before use then chop into required size. Celeriac discolors once it is cut. To prevent this put cut pieces of celeriac into water into which vinegar, lemon or salt has been added, acidulated water. To prevent discolouration before baking or pureeing boil celeriac in a mix of 2 tbspn plain flour to 1 litre cold water for approximately 10 minutes until tender. Refrigerate in this mix until ready to use then drain and dry. Celeriac can also be sautéed, used in a soup, deep fried into chips or very thinly sliced or shredded and eaten raw. Celeriac is good with blue cheese oranges, apples, cream, potatoes, squid, fish, chicken, ham, chives, witlof and orange.

Nutrition information

Celeriac is high in fibre and vitamins, C and K and minerals.