Types of Potatoes

Selection and storage

Choose potatoes that are firm and avoid potatoes that are soft, have a green tinge, shoots or a wrinkly skin. Potatoes can be brought washed or brushed, where some soil remains on the skin. Some types of potatoes such as Sebago’s cannot be commercially washed without damaging the potato so are only available brushed. It is preferable to store potatoes in an open or perforated bag in the fridge or otherwise a cool, dark, dry place. Exposure to direct sunlight can turn potatoes green and bitter. Green potatoes and potato sprouts are high in the alkaloid solanine, which can be toxic if eaten in large quantities.


Most potato varieties are available all year round from different growing areas.


Potatoes that are low in sugar and moisture are floury. Floury potatoes are good for baking, mashing and frying. Waxy potatoes have a high moisture content and low starch content. Waxy potatoes are good for boiling or salads and maintain their shape. There are a number of all purpose potatoes that cannot be classified as waxy or floury and are suitable for a number of uses.


If leaving the skin on wash the potatoes before use. Otherwise peel thinly, much of the potatoes nutritional value is in the skin. Potatoes are good with chives, parsley, rosemary, garlic, dairy, bacon, salad leaves, spinach, and mushrooms.

Nutrition Information

Potatoes have lots of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, including potassium, niacin, vitamins B6 and C, and manganese. In recent years potatoes have been avoided by those on a low carb or low GI (gylceamic index) diet. Different potatoes have differing levels of GI. Lower GI potatoes include Nicola and Charisma.

King Edward Potatoes

A cream coloured potato with light pink/purple colouring around the eyes. It was developed by John Butler of Lincolnshire, and introduced to Britain in 1902. It is one of the oldest surviving varieties in Europe. The Coronation of King Edward VII in 1902 coincided with the introduction of this variety of potato and its name is believed to originate as a ‘commemoration’ of this occasion.


King Edwards are a floury variety, scoring 6 on the waxy floury scaled. Kind Edwards are great for mashing, or light fluffy roast potatoes as chips and potato bakes or gratins.

Nicola Potatoes

A medium/small potato oval in shape with beige/yellow skin and yellow flesh.


A good all round potato.

Spunta Potatoes

A large a flattish oval potato with beige yellow skin and creamy flesh. It has an even smooth texture that makes it good for peeling. It is one of the lowest GI potatoes.


Suitable for boiling, baking, mashing, and deep frying.

Pink Eye Potatoes

A small oval to round potato which has creamy coloured skin with a purple/mauve speckly blush and pink eyes. Good for boiling, baking and for salads.

Washed White Potatoes (Nadines or Colibans)

The standard washed white potato is generally a Nadine and sometimes a Coliban. They have white skin and flesh and can come in a variety of sizes, small (cocktail), medium (often sold in bags) and large.


These potatoes are best boiled and in salads.

Cocktail Potatoes

Cocktails are not a variety of potatoes but refer to the size. Cocktails are generally a small Nadine potato or a similar variety. They have white flesh and skin.


Cocktails are ideal for boiling and salads. They are very easy to use as they don’t need to be peeled or cut before use.

Royal Blue Potato

Despite the name this potato has purple skin and creamy yellow flesh with darker lines in the flesh.


An excellent all round potato. Good for roasting, salad, chips and mashing.

Dutch Cream Potatoes

Our favourite potato. They are oval shaped with a creamy yellow flesh. available brushed (unwashed) and sometimes washed.


A good all round potato. Great roasted, mashed, or boiled.

Kipfler Potatoes

These are finger shaped poatoes with a fairly thin skin, which is why they are usually only available brushed (unwashed). They are a fairly waxy potato with a sweet and slightly nutty taste.


These are a great salad potato as they keep their shape and texture once boiled. For a salad, wash, boil whole then remove skin remove and slice. They are also good roasted.

Desiree Potatoes

These are large evenly shaped oval potatoes with pink/red skin and yellow creamy firm flesh.


This is an excellant potato for for mashing, gnocchi and frying. It keeps its colour after cooking.

Pontiac Potatoes

This pink skinned potatoes has indented eyes as is quite dense requiring longer cooking.


These potatoes are all good all round potato excellant for boiling and roasting and good for mashing and frying.

Sebago Potatoes

These are a great all round potato that is of consistent quality throughout the year as well as being the most affordable potato. Sebagoes are grown all around Australia including locally in Crookwell. Sebagoes come brushed (not washed) because their skin is too thin to endure commercial washing.


Sebagoes are ideal for baking, roasting, boiling, frying and mashing .

Purple Congo

A small potato which has a similar finger like shape to a kipfler and is deep purple/black in colour with black flesh and a mild flavour.


This potato has a dry texture when cooked but maintains its colour. It looks great in a salad.  Boil briefly,steam or microwave, and peel after cooking.  Congo potatoes make good mashed potato or gnocchi, and interesting purple chips.