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An exotic looking fruit similar in size and shape to a tomato. Persimmons have bright orange thin skin and depending on the variety, the flesh is astringent (bitter) or non-astringent. Astringent persimmons need to be very soft before eating. Varieties include Dai Dai Maru, the most common variety and Hachiya and Hiratenshi. Non-astringent persimmons can be eaten while still firm. Varieties include Fuyu – the most common – and Izu and Matsumoto.

Selection, Storage and Availability

Room temperature for both varieties. Available February – July


Use persimmons to make jam or purees. Slice fresh into salads or to accompany lamb, pork or chicken.

Nutrition Information

Persimmons contains vitamins & minerals including Vitamin A & C, dietary fibre.

Types of Persimmons

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