Chocolate Pannacotta with Cherry Compote

Chocolate Pannacotta with Cherry Compote

The perfect light,simple Christmas dessert with seasonal cherries.

Preparation time 15 minutes (plus four hours cooling time)

Serves 4-6


For Pannacotta
200 ml pure cream
250ml full cream mik
50g good quality approx 60% dark chocolate (we love Zokoko Alto Beni @ Wiffens)
1 1/2 leaves Titanium strength gelatine (if using gold strength you will need to adjust the amount)

For Cherries
500g (approx four large handful cherries stem removed
2 cups water
1 cup caster sugar
1 split vanilla bean
1 cinnammon stick
5cm piece of lemon rind
2 tbpsns brandy or sherry


For Pannacotta
Heat, cream, sugar, chocolate and milk in saucepan over low heat, whisking constantly until just coming to a simmer.
While this is happening soak gelatine leave in cold water until soft.
Remove cream mix from stove and strain using fine sieve. Add squeezed gelatine leaves to strained mixture and whisk until combined. Pour into small cups or pannacotta moulds (you can use a little almond or other light oil so the mixture comes out easily but not really neccessary.) Place covered in fridge for at least for hours. To remove from container pull mixture away from one side until pocket of air forms then gently place upside down on plate.

For Cherries
Bring water, sugar, split vanilla bean and lemon rind to the boil boil for approx 5 minutes remove from heat and pour over cherries leave for 1 hour to cool. When cherries are cool remove pits by making a neat incision at the top of the cherry (where the stem was) and gently removing stone. Or use a cherry pittter. Discard stones. Remove cherries from liquid and return liquid to the stove bring to boil for approx 7-8 minutes until reduced then pour again over cherries and cool.

To serve plate pannacotta (as per instructions above) and add a few cherries and a little cherry juice. The rest of the poached cherries would be delicious with yoghurt, for breakfast, on pancakes or in a cocktail.

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