Healthy One Stop Eton Mess

Healthy One Stop Eton Mess

This such a great easy dessert with a healthy twist with the substitution of cream for yoghurt. Everything in this dessert can be brought at Wiffens and quantities of different ingredients can be adjusted as desired.

Serves 6

Preparation time less than 10 mins! plus marinating time.



2  punnets strawberries (you can substitute raspberries for some or all of the strawberries)

Approximately 2 packs of chocolate Bizarri Dolci meringues (or substitute your own or brought meringues)

300g natural unsweetened yoghurt (we suggest Country Valley yoghurt)

1 tbspns icing sugar (extra to taste)

3 tbspns double cream

2 tbspns caramalised balsamic or vincotto


Hull and halve strawberries and place in a bowl (reserving  a few for the top)  and drizzle with balsamic or vincotto and sprinkle with sieved icing sugar (leave to marinate for 15mins to one hour.)

Crumble meringues roughly in your hands and add to berries, then add yoghurt and cream. Taste for sweetness and add more icing sugar to taste. You can also add more cream or yoghurt if desired.

Top with reserved strawberries and serve.





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