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Mr Truffle

Mr Truffle

A Truffle inspired take on the classic French pan fried sandwich, totally delicious! This is a great way to use a small amount of your fresh truffle, would also be nice with ham added.

Serves 2
Preparation time: 10 mins, plus at least 1 hour to weight the sandwich.

4 slices good white bread
Truffle butter, 1 pack of house made fresh truffle butter from Wiffens, left out to soften
Regular butter, softened to be spreadable
Very small amount of finely shaved fresh truffle (don’t grate)approx 1g
Sliced good quality cheddar, our favourite Warambool vintage cheddar, (lots of flavour but without that excessive vintagey taste.)

Generously butter one side of each piece with the regular butter (this will be the outside of the sandwich that is fried.)
Generously butter the other side of each piece with the truffle butter then arrange cheddar slice over the truffle butter. Top with another butter slice of bread, truffle butter side in. Wrap in foil. Repeat.
Place sandwiches in fridge and weight (use a 2 litre milk bottle or cans). Leave for at least an hour.
Heat large frypan over medium heat. Add generous amount of butter. When melted add sandwiches and fry sandwiches for approx 5 minutes each side until golden brown, basically you want to fry for as long as possible to melt the cheese inside but not so long the bread is burned.
Remove from heat, slice, season with salt and pepper and eat hot!

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