Snapper with Jerusalem Artichoke Mash and Truffle and Porcini Butter

Snapper with Jerusalem Artichoke Mash and Truffle and Porcini Butter

Serves 4

Preparation time 15 minutes plus cooking

This a simple delicious dish that takes advantage of fresh truffles, use Wiffens own Truffle and Porcini Butter or make your own flavoured butter if truffles are not in season. Steak would be delicious with this dish instead of fish.


4 snapper fillets or substitute another white fish fillet

4 Desiree potatoes and approximately equal quantity Jerusalem artichokes, washed

2 spring onions finely chopped

30 g butter

180ml full cream milk

60g approx Wiffens Porcini and Truffle Butter

500g green beans topped, tailed and steamed or boiled until tender

Rice bran oil or substitute other light oil



Place potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes in a large saucepan of cold salted water, bring to a slow boil, remove Jerusalem artichokes as they become tender then remove potatoes. Drain water then return artichokes to the pan and cook over low heat for a couple of minutes to evaporate excess moisture. Put artichokes and potatoes through a potato ricer or peel and mash. Heat milk and spring onion in a small saucepan  or the microwave until it reaches boiling point. Add milk and butter to mash and mix, season  to taste.

Heat oil in a pan over high heat add fish fillets and cook until  the flesh seperates when a fork is applied then remove from heat and place a generous round of truffle butter over each fillet and allow to rest.

Add mash to plate top with fish, spreading buttery juices over and serve with green beans.



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