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Zannah’s Greek Lamb

Zannah’s Greek Lamb

Preparation 10 mins, cooking 2 hours.
Serves 6.

The perfect, hearty do ahead of time dinner party dish for the colder months.


Lamb x 1 leg (boned for easy carving)
Garlic x 6 cloves
Red wine x ½ bottle
Tomatoes x 4 cans whole Roma
Lemon Juice x 1 lemon
Olive oil
Potatoes, halved and par boiled


Preheat oven to 150.
Use large baking dish.
Slit the lamb and stuff in cloves of garlic, rub with olive oil and lemon juice. Tip in red wine and cans of tomatoes.
Bake for two hours approximately, basting every 20 minutes with sauce.
40 minutes prior to end of cooking add potatoes.

Serve with crusty bread and green salads.

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