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Fruity Sacks (3 Reusuable Produce Bags)

$3.99 inc gst

Trying to avoid plastic bags?
It can be frustrating and even upsetting when you notice the number of plastic bags making their way into your home, especially fruit and vegetable plastic bags. There are only so many ways you can reuse them, even with the best intentions. It’s even more annoying when you are making an effort by taking your own bags to the grocer and still the plastic bags end up in your house.

Are hundreds of shopping bags living in your home?
Having lots of plastic bags in your home can be a frustrating bi-product of doing the weekly fruit and vegie shop. You don’t want to throw away plastic bags that use up valuable resources and can damage the environment by ending up in landfill, in our oceans and being ingested by animals; and yet, you do still have to do your weekly shopping.

Have you tried eco-friendly produce bags?
You may have tried to banish plastic bags from your life and not even use them when fruit and vegetable shopping. This strategy can work if you only buy a handful of produce and you don’t mind losing some grapes along the way.

It gets complicated when you need a kilo of apples or when you need small items like beans, peas, and cherries. It also makes it harder to avoid so many surfaces if you want to keep your produce clean as it makes its way from the grocer to your home.



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