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Eggs Farmers Browns Pastured Eggs 700g


Voted Best Egg in Sydney Morning Herald Survey, Farmer Brown’s Pastured Eggs are leading the game when it comes to great eggs!

Farmer Brown’s Pastured Eggs are laid by Happy Hens who enjoy a free roaming existence on the open pastures of “Gillinghall”, located at Spicers Creek in Central Western NSW.

The term ‘pastured’ means the hens wander freely, grazing on grass, legumes, insects and scratching in the soil, as is natural for a forage bird.

At night Farmer Brown’s Happy Hens roost in their mobile Chicken Caravans, which are moved to fresh pasture every 3-5 days. Instead of sheds or fences we have Maremma Dogs who protect their flock adoringly from any predators allowing the hens the freedom to roam and forage without the threat of predators.

To supplement their grazing the hens enjoy a mix of home grown grains and essential minerals to keep them happy, healthy and laying amazing eggs.

This pastured approach to producing eggs is not only best practice for animal welfare, but also delivers the healthiest eggs money can buy!

A study done by the Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems journal, tested the nutritional value of pastured eggs versus regular eggs. Pastured eggs were found to be more nutritious than the conventional eggs, presenting twice as much Vitamin E, 38% more Vitamin A, twice as much long-chain Omega-3 fats, 2.5 times total Omega 3 fatty acids and importantly less than half the ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3. They have also been found to be lower in Cholesterol and Saturated Fat.

These amazing eggs are collected with gratitude daily, cleaned, sorted, graded, packed and delivered to our very happy customers weekly. If you’d like to become one of our happy customers we’d love to hear from you.

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