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Did you know?

The dahlia is also known as Tenjikubotan in Japanese, which literally means ‘Peony of India’. According to the Japanese language of flowers, it means ‘good taste’.


Since 1813, commercial plant breeders have been breeding dahlias to produce thousands of cultivars, usually chosen for their stunning and brightly coloured waxy flowers. The flower heads can be as small as 5cm in diameter or up to 30cms. The petals come in a range of forms, from closely packed ‘pompom’ types to the more tubular petals. Australia we have different varieties available in colours including; light and dark pink, red, white, purple, yellow and orange.

Selection and Storage

Flowers should be ¾ to fully open as they do not open much in the vase. Foliage should be firm and green, with no sign of yellowing. Cut a minimum of 2cm off the stem, strip lower leaves and place in a vase with cold water. Keep out of full sun. Replace water daily with a flower preservative to increase lifespan.



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