What’s in Season



  • In Season

    Apples, pears, quinces, persimmons, mandarins, Aussie navels.

  • Berries

    Blackberries, blueberries and raspberries are scarce. NSW blueberries starting soon and look for prices to fall.

  • Stonefruit

    Still eating and stewing well (cook and freeze now for later).

  • Citrus

    Its my favourite time of year for mandarins right now with fantastic Imperial mandarins and daisy mandarins starting. Lemons and limes good value.

  • Persimmons

    hard and soft in season (don't keep in the fridge.)

  • Grapes

    Still good Crimson Seedless excellent this week.

  • Nuts

    Walnuts and chestnuts.

  • Feijoa

    his fruit is really growing in popularity it grows in Canberra and has a really interesting taste

  • Citrus

    Excellent QLD Imperial mandarins. Aussie navel oranges starting today! Limes very juicy fruit. Aussie pomelo, ruby grapefruit and yellow grapefruit.

  • Papaya


  • Kiwifruit

    old Aussie kiwi Goldkiwifruit great at the moment plus try these cute and flavourful red kiwis.

  • Pomegranates

    peak season with magnificent large and very glam Aussie poms in season.


  • In season

    Broccoli, zucchini, cherry tomatoes.

  • Asparagus

    Imported only.

  • Avocadoes

    Improving all the time as the growing season moves further South. Probably a month until the really good fruit.

  • Garlic

    Tassie red regular Aussie and organic garlic in season.

  • Potatoes & Pumpkin

    Washed Dutch Creams in season also try Grammar pumpkin.

  • Peas

    Lovely sweet peas this week.

  • Beans

    Round beans excellant quality but a little scarce.

  • Flowers

    It's Mothers Day this weekend so many flowers in store. Great roses, tulips and natives.

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