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What’s in Season



  • Summer is Here

    Summer fruit is starting to pop with stonefruit, lychees and mangoes all in season.

  • Tropical

    Aussie lychees in season with our favourite variety Fay Zee Siu available from this week. Pines and rockmelons eating well but a little scarce.

  • Citrus

    Last week for Aussie navels. Qld lemons in season but as always this time of year when you need lemons for salad and seafood its not lemon season in Australia. Pomelos available this week.

  • Stonefruit

    Apricots have started wait till apricots are ripe before you try them as an unripe apricot is hella bitter. Yellow nectarines and yellow peaches eating well this week with peaches and nectarines becoming more abundant.

  • Mangoes

    Great value KP's tray and individuals this week

  • Grapes

    Aussie grapes are starting to come into season with Flames and Menindee's.

  • Berries

    Good value blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.


  • Local & Direct from the Grower

    Hydro lettuce, all mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cavolo nero (Tuscan cabbage from Bredbo)

  • Asparagus

    Aussie asparagus still good.

  • Avocado

    WA Hass and Reid Avocadoes have started.

  • Good Value

    Dutch carrots and cucumbers while corn has halved in price. Local cherry tomatoes.

  • Beans & Peas

    Beans still scarce as expected due to floods will continue up to Xmas. Snow peas v v scarce. Yellow squash good value.

  • Tomatoes

    Cherry tomatoes and truss good value. Liking heirlooms as the flavour pick at the moment.

  • Potatoes & Pumpkin

    Sweet potatoes are good value. Cocktail potato time of year great warm or in salads.

  • Flowers

    Local direct from the grower the lovely Angela peonies. Lots of natives in season beaut kangaroo paw, and pinwheels plus king proteas. Great time of year for flowers

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