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Did you know?

The colour of a hydrangea depends on the PH levels in the soil. Acid soils produce blue flowers, neutral soils produce cream or white flowers and alkaline soils result in pink or purple. It is possible to have bushes next to each other producing different colour flowers if you adjust the PH levels individually.


Flowerheads are made up of many small star-shaped flowers arranged to form a large dome shape. Flowerheads can be white, pink, red, purple, green or pale blue. Often there is a mix of several of these colours in the one flowerhead.

Selection and Care

Look for open flowers with no dead or brown flowers. Cut a minimum of 2cm off the stem, and put in cold water with a flower preservative. Keep in a cool place. Change water daily for optimum lifespan. Hydrangea’s can be dried by placing in approximatly 3cm of water and leaving in a dark place.



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