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Figs are an ancient fruit considered a symbol of life as long ago as Ancient Egypt. When dried they were an important source of food which could travel long distances and be stored. The main types of figs commercially avilable are: Black Genoa (a large purple fig with full flavoured red flesh, White Genoa(a yellow-green fig with mildly flavoured amber flesh), Brown Turkey (a purple-brown fig with very sweet pink-brown flesh) and white adriatic (a bright green fig with red flesh).

Selection, Storage and Availability

Figs do not ripen once picked and are very perishable and fragile which is why they are often expensive. Choose fruit that feels heavy with unbruised, unmarked skin. Store in the fridge but eat as soon as possible. Available December-April.


Use fresh by themselves in a salad with goats cheese and rocket, wrap proscuitto in figs, use in cakes and tarts, halve dot with butter and grill, poach or oven dry.

Nutrition Information

Figs are excellent source of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Types of Figs

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