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Selection, Storage and Availability

The skin of the mango can range from green to yellow and sunset red. Mangoes can be brought ripe- look for a mango that is fragrant, has few or no spots and yields slightly at the tip and has a nice blush. Mangoes can also be purchased slightly green and ripened at home. Store at room temperature in a cool place. Do not store in the refrigerator. Mangoes are available from October-March.


Remove cheeks, score skin in a cross hatched pattern, pop skin inside out and eat! Mangoes also make a delicious salsa to serve with fish (see our recipes section). Green mangoes are used in savoury Asian cooking and use a particular variety called Nam Duc Mai mangoes or cooking mango.

Nutrition Information

Mangoes are high in fibre in pectin and Vitamin C.

Types of Mangoes

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