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Melons are of the same family as cucumbers and zucchini and grow on vines along the ground.

Storage, Selection and Availability

Melons do not ripen once pick. Generally, select, full firm melons that feel heavy for their size. Avoid sunken soft spots or bruises. Brown marks can result where melons are sitting on the ground and does not indicate inner damage. Store whole melons at room temperature but cut melons wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator.


Melons can be eaten by themselves or in a fruit salad. Rockmelon (also called canteloupe) is very versatile and served in Italian cusine with proscuitto. It can be also served with prawns, herbs and lemon juice in a salad or mix pureed rockmelon with mayonaise and serve with shellfish. Melons can be used icecream or to make a sorbet or granita. Watermelon rind can be pickled and used as a condiment with meat similar to Italian mustard fruits.

Nutrition Information

Melons are low in fat and high in vitamin C and potassium. Melons particularly watermelons have a very high water content.

Types of Melons

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