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Finger Lime, Fingerlime 125gm Punnet


This beautiful Australian native fruit is the caviar of citrus. Their aromatic smooth but pebbled skin appears in a triad of colors and the flesh, rather than pulpy, holds caviar-shaped vesicles that pop crisply in your mouth with an assertively tart punch. The flavor is a lemon lime combination with herbaceous undertones There are several different Australian Finger lime varieties. Best used fresh as a garnish or raw ingredient.Finger limes compliment seafood, chicken, melons, spirits and cream based desserts. Use Finger limes to add slight crunch and bright citrus flavor to top off your oyster shooters, seared scallops or grilled salmon. Slice avocado or melons and sprinkle Finger lime caviar on top, add sea salt and enjoy a refreshing and satisfying afternoon snack. Finger limes add a great deal of sophistication to cocktails and spirits, or used as a floating garish.

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