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Couscous Pearl Mograbiah Cortas 1kg


Product of Lebanon. For an authentic taste of Beruit and Lebanese cooking, start with a dish of Moghrabieh! Cortas’ carefully selected CousCous is crafted from the highest quality grains and is hand-rolled to produce perfectly round, velvety pearls. These large flour grains quickly absorb broth and sauce, adding filling bites to any broth, stew, braised meat or saucy plate! Living up to its name, Cortas’ CousCous makes the perfect foundation for a signature Moghrabieh dish – the next time you’re hosting a family gathering, grab a bag of Cortas Moghrabieh CousCous and combine with your favorite chicken or lamb cuts to create a traditional dish that brings the family together.

Ingredients: Semolina, Salt


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