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Chocolate Loving Earth 45G Salted Caramel Organic

$3.99 inc gst

Fair trade organic chocolate bars with ≥50% Peruvian cacao
Caramelised Javanese coconut sugar seasoned with pink lake salt
Dairy-free vegan treats with minimally processed, raw wholefood ingredients
Classic chocolate and salted caramel, only this time the chocolate is fair trade Peruvian cacao, the caramel is cooked from low-GI Javanese coconut nectar, and the salt in mineral-rich pink lake salt from Western Australia. The mind-blowingly addictive salty butterscotch / fudge flavour only gets better when you realise that all ingredients are vegan, organic and gluten-free. After you’ve eaten the bar, you can re-recycle the box (it’s 97% post-consumer as is) and try composting the plant-based ‘plastic’ wrapper.


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