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Sweet Potato 1kg


Sweet potatoes are also called Kumera and can be gold, red, white and purple. Gold and red sweet potatoes are generally sold as regular sweet potatoes while white and purple are distinguished by colour. Gold and red varieties have red/orange flesh while white and purple varieties have white flesh and moister flesh. Sweet potatoes are a low GI starchy vegetable which are very versatile. They do not need to be peeled or scrubbed and are good, roasted, mashed, boiled and made into chips. The browny cream skinned variety is moister than the other types, has a chestnutty flavour and as it can be fibrous is best for baking. The orange skinned variety bakes drier than the other two varieties. The purple skinned variety is a good all round sweet potato. Both the purple and orange varieties can be baked, boiled, fried steamed or pureed. The orange variety is the one used for candying and puddings. Available all year round, with different varieties available at different times of the year

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