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Chocolate Macadamia and Raisin Charleys 85g

$8.99 inc gst

his luscious and creamy 52% cocoa Milk Chocolate is handcrafted “bean to bar” from cocoa grown in the rich volcanic soils of Karkar Island, Papua New Guinea. This combines really well with Queensland Macadamia Nuts and superb, sun dried, seedless Flame Raisins from Victoria’s Sunraysia.

We craft this chocolate “Bean to Bar from Single Origin beans. Single Origin means that the cocoa beans come only from a specified region and are not blended with others, similar to fine wine. We know the grower personally and can so attest to the beans being grown ethically and sustainably.

The award-winning beans produce a chocolate with a beautiful balance of fresh and lively stone fruit. It is a superb base for adding Australian Full Cream Milk to make a truly amazing Milk Chocolate. In mass produced chocolate these differences in flavour and aroma are “blended out”. In our “Origin” chocolate we celebrate these differences as we bring you a unique product.

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (90%). Made from Cocoa beans (PNG), Sugar (Australia), Full Cream Milk Powder (Australia) Cocoa butter (Venezuela or Peru), Soy Lecithin (Germany). Macadamia Nuts (5%) (Australia) Raisins (5%) (Australia)

Milk Chocolate contains 52% cocoa solids and 20% milk solids.



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