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Cream Schulz Organic Pure Cream 200ml


Our Pure Cream is exactly that. Made from our Certified Organic Milk with no added thickeners or stabilisers and a butter fat percentage of around 40%! It’s not surprising then that the consistency of our cream may fluctuate with the seasons and the weather. The amount of rain we get on the farm affects the grass our cows eat. And in certain seasons we supplement the natural diet of the cows with silage and organic feed – this affects the end product also. Our cream is a microcosm of our greater philosophy here at Schulz Organic Dairy – make the purest product possible by letting nature and the cows do their thing.

Collect the milk

Separate the cream from the milk

Pasteurise low and slow for 30 minutes at 63C

Chill and pack (depending on how much cream we have sometimes this is hand poured by our team into tubs)


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