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Milk Schulz Organic 2L Low Fat


Organic Full Cream Milk is natural and pure, with a rich layer of cream on top due to non-homogenisation. The cream content in the milk changes with the seasons, cow lactation, and what the cows graze on. Schulz raise both Friesians and Jerseys, which produce a milk rich in flavour; they’ve worked hard to create a just-right balance of beautiful texture and mouthfeel. Adopting the lowest legal pasteurising temperature and time also retains the integrity of the milk’s natural flavour.

Schulz Organic Dairy Unhomogenised Milk is renowned for its rich texture and subtle pasture flavour notes, a reflection of the gentle pasteurisiation employed by third generation farmer Simon Schulz, heating he milk to 63 degrees (the lowest temperature legally permitted). Schulz Organic Dairy is set on 832 acres of extremely fertile land, using organic farming principles to enhance the vitality of the soil, grass and animals, which means their land is chemical, hormone and pesticide free. Their farm is located in Timboon, South-West Victoria, on a beautifully lush stretch of land, which enjoys some of the highest rainfalls in the state, making rich grazing pastures for their herd Friesian and Jersey cows. Founders Hermann and Marlis Schulz migrated from Germany to Victoria in 1954 and later purchase the 244 acre farm in Timboon in 1970. Hermann and Marlis, together with their son Michael, farmed on the property bio-dynamically from 1972, and were well known in the farming community for their hard work and innovative approach. The Schulz family continue to focus on the sustainability of their farm, over the years adding thick bush dividers across the farm to assist rainfall, soil management, cO2 and cattle comfort. This product is certified organic by ACO.


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