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All elements of the coriander plant are used, seeds, leaves, stems and roots. Coriander leaves are scalloped and bright green with a long narrow stem, they are sold in bunches with part of the root attached. The leaves have a distinct aroma and flavour. Coriander is known as cilantro in American cuisine. Coriander seeds are the dried fruit of the coriander plant.

Selection and Storage

Choose fresh looking bunches with green leaves. Avoid wilted bunches and blackened or waterlogged leaves. Store covered in the crisper section of the refrigerator.


All year round.


This delicate herb needs to be added at the end of cooking or fresh in salads. Fresh Coriander leaves are used widely as a garnish for curries and stirfries in  South East Asian and Indian cuisines. Coriander is also used in Middle Eastern cooking. Coriander roots, found at the base of a coriander bunch are used to make curry pastes. Fragrant coriander seeds are  essential part of many Middle Eastern and East Asian dishes. Coriander is good with prawns, fish, avocados, ginger, coconut, mint, parsley and yoghurt.

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