• Asparagus and Blood Orange Salad
  • Fregola & Heirloom Carrot Salad
Spring brings Aussie asparagus season, large, regular and baby bunches. Citrus still good particularly blood oranges & navels. Delicious watermelon. Good value corn & snow peas. Mango season has really started with TPP mangoes & KP's & this week we got our first Aussie peaches!

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 FRUIT BERRIES   Good value NSW blueberries and raspberries. QLD strawberries still good eating. CITRUS  Still a good time for citrus with blood oranges, navels, Imperial mandarins & Seville.  POMEGRANTES, GRAPES & STONEFRUIT Imported only. ROCKMELONS  Good value & eating. BANANAS  Price should start to ease over next few weeks. MANGOES Mango season really kicking […]