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Salt Murray River Pink Canister 200g

Parmesan Organic Symons 150g

Cheddar Organic Symons 200g

Cheddar Organic Symons Family Block 500g

Date Medjool Pack Golden Palms 450g

Cheese WM Cheddar The Matured Extra Tasty Warrnambool 250g

Olive Oil Colavita Extra Virgin Ceramic Jar 250ml

Dip Rozas Beetroot, Walnut & Pomegranate 160g

Dip Rozas Chargrilled Capsicum 160g

Anchovies Delicius Fillets in Oil 150g

Dip Rozas Blue Cheese and Roasted Macadamia 160g

Dip Rozas Tapenade 160g

Pasta Gnocchi Sardi (Pasta Shells) Di Martino 500g

Pasta Di Martino Penne 500g

Pasta Linguine Di Martino 500g

Pasta Spaghetti Di Martino 500g

Pasta a Riso (Stelline) La Molisana 500g

Pasta La Molisana Canelloni 500g

Pasta La Molisana Pappadelle Egg 230g

Pasta Farfalle La Molisana 500g

Pasta Penne Rigate La Molisana 500g

Pasta Spaghetti La Molisana 500g

Pasta Linguine La Moli 500g

Product of Italy

Sauerkraut Organic Fennel and Garlic Kehoes 410g (Refrigerated)

Sauerkraut Organic Traditional Kehoes 410g (Refrigerated)

Kialla Organic Pancake Mix Buckwheat Kialla 325 g (Serves 4)

Pancake Mix Organic Kialla 325g (Serves 4)

Flour Organic Soft Cake Kialla 1kg

Flour Organic Bread and Pizza Kialla 1kg

Flour Organic Stoneground Wholegrain Plain 1kg Kialla

Flour Organic Wholegrain Self Raising 1kg Kialla

Flour Organic Unbleached Plain Kialla 1kg

Pizza Base Reginaldos (Fresh Base with Sauce not frozen) 250g

Contactless Pickup

For Contactless Pickup please enter from Dalby Street through loading dock entrance (see Map) stop behind the back entrance to the Wiffens shop. Please call (02) 6295 7822 on arrival and we will bring your order out to you.

Loading Dock Entrance is almost opposite the Fire Station on Dalby Street. Entry is through a set of Black Iron gates you will see the back of the Markets Building as you drive in.
We have a sign above our back entrance indicating our shop.

Butter Lurpak Spreadable Salted 400g

Cornichons Mini Garden Fresh 670g

Oil Olive Organic Colavita Extra Virgin 500ml

Vinegar Apple Cider Organic Braggs 473ml

Vinegar Apple Cider Organic Braggs 946ml

Made from delicious, organically grown apples, Bragg® Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is the original wellness elixir. Product of UK

Vinegar White Wine Colavita 500ml

Vinegar Red Wine Colavita 500ml

Olive Oil Colavita 500ml Extra Virgin

Olive Oil Colavita 1L Extra Virgin

Juice Orange Organic Sunkist 2L

Olives Rozas Garlic & Oregano Pitted and Marinated 200g

Olives Rozas Garlic & Chive Marinated and Pitted 200g

Olives Rozas Chilli & Garlic Marinated and Pitted 200g

Olives Rozas Lemon and Rosemary Marinated and Pitted 200g

Olives Aurelio Organic Garlic 300g

Olives Aurelio Organic Chilli and Garlic 300g

Olives Aurelio Organic Mediterranean 300g

Milk Little Big Dairy Less Cream 2L

Coffee LSR PNG 250g Ground (Local)

Crispbread Wafer Thins Falwasser Gluten Free 150g

Crispbread Wafer Thins Falwasser Charcoal (Activated) 150g

Juice East Coast Orange Mango 2L

Brie Double Cream Adelaide Hills Udder Delights 200g

Camembert Adelaide Hills Udder Delights 200g

Brie Adelaide Hills Udder Delights 200g

Ham Double Smoked Barossa Fine Foods 100g

Juice Pineapple East Coast 2L

Ragu 48 Hour Slow Cooked Ragu TFD 500g Local Handmade

Sugo San Marzano Tomato and Basil Fresh Local Handmade TFD 500g

Gnocchi (Fresh Parmesan) Local Handmade Serves 2 TFD 370g

Gnocchi with Meatballs Handmade Local TFD 500g

Cannelloni Local Handmade TFD 450g

Lasagna Local Fresh Handmade TFD 550g (serves 1-2)

Tomato Heirloom Rainbow Punnet (Colour/Variety Mix) 450g

Tomato Mix A Lot (Grape/Cherry Colour mix) 400g

Eggs 300g Kangaroo Island Free Range (Half Dozen)

Eggs Free Range 800g Canobolas

Eggs Local Majura Valley 700g Free Range

Lettuce Cos Baby Twin Pack

Tomato baby Roma 275g Pack

Tomato Cherry Truss 1 bunch (500g approx)

Cheddar Mature Udder Delights 200g

Mandarin Golden Nugget 1kg

Marscapone Zanetti 500g

Product of Italy

Rice Custard Ruby and Roys Family Pack 1kg

Cacao & Mint Energy Ball – Locally Made by GH Nutrition

Locally made in small batches by a Dietitian / Nutritionist

Source of fibre, gluten-free, vegan

The cacao & mint combination is our freshest ball, bursting with flavour. Filled with Medjool dates, cashews, almonds, cacao, peppermint and a pinch of sea salt, before rolling in desiccated coconut. Each ball provides a natural source of energy, making it our go-to afternoon pick-me-up.

The Goodness You’re Eating:

Medjool Dates (40%), Cashews (22%), Almonds (21%),Desiccated Coconut (12%), Cacao Powder (4%), Peppermint Extract (1%), Sea Salt (0.5%).

Energy ball is 40g and lasts 3 months at room temperature but are best eaten straight from the freezer.

Mango Kensington Pride (KP)

What’s in Season



APPLES & PEARS All new season Apples. Liking Bravo apples this week. All new season pears.

BERRIES Strawberries scarce. Raspberries good value.

STONEFRUIT Very late in the season for Plums not at their best.

TROPICAL Topless pines eating well.

CITRUS Lemons good value. Local direct from the grower finger limes. Daisy Mandarins have started. Imperial mandarins eating ok this week. Aussie navels have started don’t be put off by the pale colour eating pretty good for early season. Ruby grapefruit in season.

GRAPES It’s very late in the season for Aussie grapes not at their best.

EXOTIC Feijoa’s in season. Custard apples popular. Soft and firm Persimmons. Good value pomegranates. Quinces have started. Figs pretty good.


Greens particularly still impacted from floods in NSW, QLD rain everywhere else colder weather. Usually in short supply this time of year anyway but weather over the last few months has meant more scarcity reflected in quality and higher prices.

LOCAL & DIRECT FROM THE GROWER Mushrooms, cherry and grape tomatoes, finger limes.

LOCAL Zucchini and eggplant.

AVOCADOES Hass season moving to a new growing region, new season new region will be available from next week. Shepherds available.


BEST /RECOMMEND Local Zucchini, local eggplant, sweet potato, brushed potato, loose beetroot, snowpeas.

BETTER VALUE Celery, brussel sprouts.

FLOWERS Loving native banksia’s and proteas. Poppy and tulips in season.

Chocolate Mocha Bar 100g Melbourne Cocoa

Melbourne Cocoa Mocha Chocolate is a combination of ground coffee beans and a mixture of our signature 70% Dark Chocolate and 48% Milk Chocolate. With a cocoa content of around 65%, our mocha bar is the perfect combination of creamy dark chocolate and bold coffee flavour. Australian made and owned.

Chocolate White Bar 100g Melbourne

Melbourne Cocoa White Chocolate is a beautifully balanced chocolate with an emphasis on creamy vanilla flavours. Our signature White Chocolate has a high cocoa-butter content and correspondingly low sugar content. Australian made and owned.

Chocolate Dark Bar 100g Melbourne Cocoa

Melbourne Cocoa 70% Dark Chocolate is a full flavoured chocolate. Conched for a minimum of 12 hours at a low temperature results in a product Dark brown in colour, with strong cocoa flavours.

Chocolate Milk Bar 100g Melbourne Cocoa

Melbourne Cocoa 48% Milk Chocolate is completely unique. Unlike other Milk Chocolates, ours is high in cocoa content and correspondingly, a low sugar content resulting in a full flavoured creamy chocolate. Australian made and owned.

Chocolate Honeycomb Melbourne Cocoa 180g

The Melbourne Cocoa 48% Milk Chocolate Honeycomb is made using hand made honeycomb produced in Melbourne before being coated in the Unique Melbourne Cocoa 48% Milk Couverture. Inspired by the city it calls home, Melbourne Cocoa makes sophisticated and alluring chocolate for fine food lovers. Crafted by an experienced team of chocolatiers, each blend has been artfully created to yield a flavour which is delightful on the palete. The cocoa beans used in making the Melboure Cocoa Couventure are ethically sourced.

Crackers Rice Tribe Organics Cheese and Onion 100g

Crackers Rice Tribe Organics BBQ 100g

Crackers Rice Tribe Organics Original 100g

Chips Heartland Kettle Cooked GF Sea Salt 150g

Chips Heartland Kettle Cooked GF – Apple Cider Vinegar 150g

So Good. These New Zealand grown and owned kettle chips are the best!

Salami Mild Sliced Princi 100g

This  home-style salami is reminiscent of nonna’s traditional recipe, and is distinctive in both flavour & appearance.

Ham Free Range Sliced Princi

Auatralian made “Primavera” ham is 97% fat free with a delicate, mild flavour and comes sliced and pre-packed for convenience.

Bacon Free Range Princi

Winner of best Australian bacon in 2019. Made from 100 per cent Australian pork. “The story of Princi bacon began over five decades ago and our recipe has travelled from Italy to Australia. What really sets our bacon apart though, I believe, is the quality of the pork that we begin with,” says Princi director Pino Princi.

Antipasto Meats Sliced Princi

A selection of thinly sliced meats including proscuitto, salami and sopresa thinly sliced and vacuum packed perfect for an antipasto board and entertaining

Proscuitto Sliced Princi Pack

Selected legs of traditionally cured pork, Sliced thinly.

Honeydew Melon Half

XMAS / NY Trading Hours


Online shop closed from 23rd Dec can order from 29th Dec for delivery or pick up from Wednesday 5th of Jan.

Salami Sliced Hot Local Balzanelli 100g

Balzanelli is a family owned company based in Canberra. They started the smallgoods business in 1979 as a way of adding value add to their pork produced on their farm. The family had deep traditions of making salami from their home town of Manuta, Italy and Marco returned there to do further training as a young man. Today Balzanelli remain a family owned business who are humble but justifiably proud of their products. All the pork is Australian and Sow Stall Free. All products are Gluten Free.

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